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Get beautifully styled food photography

Terry is a Toronto-based food stylist and recipe developer with over 20 years of experience working across both nationally recognized brands and smaller businesses.

Don't sweat the small stuff - get Terry to make the food in your photography look absolutely stunning.

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Food & drink styling


Recipe development


What people say

Robbie Mcnamara, TV Producer

"Working with Terry on TV commercial food shoots is always a pleasure!  She is extremely organized and communicative during the pre-production phase.  Always readily available to do a call to discuss the creative.  And then she turns on the magic for the shoot day and produces the most wonderful looking dishes.  Terry is my number one!"


Scott Moore, Stir Communications

Terry goes beyond the definition of a food stylist. Not only is she unparalleled with her ability to create eye-catching meals, but she also sees the greater picture. Beyond the meal, Terry provides valuable input regarding the props, the lighting and the over feel and flavour of the shot.

Ready to get help from one of Toronto's top food stylists and recipe developers?

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